I'm a pretty flexible person when it comes to "fair use" of things put on the internet. Seeing as most of what I do is merely slapping a dash of brightly colored paint on things others have made or grunging them up and down, all I ask is that you don't claim anything you download here as your own. Paysites are bad and the Exchange has cooties. Wipe your nose. Take a sweater. Don't run with scissors. Your face is going to stick like that. If you've made something from something I've made, I'd like to see it!

Add me, I'll add you back. Most entries will be public though, so if you feel like lurkin', go right ahead. General ramblings, rants, and musings will be friends only. I have all SPs and all EPs. WCIFs and the like are always always okay with me, don't be shy. I also always appreciate comments, even a brief "thanks" means a ton. If you need to contact me privately for whatever reason, leave a comment here. All comments are screened and automatically e-mailed to me. Anonymous comments are allowed. I'm about as scary and tough and mean as an angry asthmatic kitten. I don't take requests, but I do take suggestions.
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I generally like to have my neighborhood and whatever current set of CC I'm using at the time have a "theme" or "motif". As of 08 October 2008 I'm in a generally Maxis matchish mood with a splash of grunge and a shot of neon color. I have around 1.4 GB of downloads, over 12,000 files and roughly 1,600 subfolders. For any and all pay items, I use the Booty. For Korean DAUM/Naver stuff I use DMBD. Collected stuff from the Sims 2 store is here. I use Fraps to take take my screenshots and Adobe Photoshop CS3 to edit them. If you have any questions or corrections or additions, feel free to leave a comment.

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Long time no see! Just to address some concerns that have been brought up to me:

+ I am not Kiki or Migamoo or whoever. Phasmatic Sims is not and never was my site, however awesome it may have been.

+ ALL my custom content should be here. It will never not be here. It is not going to disappear one day. It will collect dust until Livejournal shuts down its servers and even then, I will make a big box.net/mediashare/megaupload folder of it for you. If it is not here, on wella_creations, or Garden of Shadows then I didn't upload it and you should wag your fingers quite smartly at people doing that because it is kinda rude.

+ Kinemortophobia on the Sims 3 exchange or whatever it is called is not me. Obvs.

+ I'm not coming back. All my CC is gone, game is uninstalled. Unless somehow the Sims 3 entices me, I won't be playing, participating in the community, making anymore CC. Over the past year and a half I've even managed to stop lurking!

+ I still think you're all really awesome and this was sincerely the best online community I've ever been a part of in my 15 years of interwebbing. Thank you for making that so.

Comments disabled just 'cause I don't think there needs to be any. But lot's o' internet hugs! I hope you've all been fantastic.


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At first it was the crappy router, and then it was the subzero temperatures (the "computer room" doesn't have proper insulation or heating), and then it was just apathy. And part of it is neurotic fiddle-faddle which you do not care to hear but which leads me to avoid the internet. I'm not a social person and I like to run away and I often have so many ideas for amazing things I'd love to do but can hardly be arsed to follow through on because of some crazy personality flaw I can't quite pinpoint.

I was barely playing the game to begin with and I haven't even booted up the damn thing at all since the new year. I don't have the urge to do anything sims related really, though shiny pictures from the people I admire do leave me feeling rather wistful. I even managed to nab up a bunch of webspace and was going to go about making a real website, but that ambition quickly fizzled. I'll try to find (or cobble together) a single website to put up all the stuff I've made, so it's easier to peruse through than livejournal. Suggestions are welcome, website-building related or otherwise. MTS2 is not an option, no.

This is a rather wishy-washy apology for being so absent, but I am sorry. If you have a WCIF that I have not yet responded to, ask here. If you have any questions, ask here. If you sent me some message on some website and it is MOST DIRE that I read it, remind me here. If you decide you don't want to be LJ buds anymore, it's okay. If you want to be RL LJ buddies, ask here, but there are no guarantees as Phobia =/= Me in real life and I won't talk about Sims 2 things and hardly ever update but it will probably be the only real way I'll keep up with anyone's shenanigans. Long sentences.

If I see you soon, then yay! If I don't, then I enjoyed getting to know everyone I got to know. :)

TL;DR VERSION: I won't be around. I may come back, make some CC again, I may not. Who knows. Leave a message if you need to.

Most awkward flounce ever. So here are Ripp!tears from ages ago. Bye bye be good.


january is endless

Yay Christmas! So I participated in the GoS Secret Santa exchange and it was a lot of fun. Lots of people received many wonderful presents which I am coveting from afar, hands clasped in pained envy. The present I made was for simperfect. My present from Steerpike/rage_rage was one of the really sweet Asian Fusion outfits from the Sims 2 store with boots, as boots make everything better. Everything. I have retexturing plans, oh yes (can there be retexturing plans, Anna?). So I decided to take a few minutes to boot up my game in the midst of waiting for cakes to cool and snap some screenshots. One sim is Pepper Tremaine's uh... granddaughter or daughter, I can't quite remember anymore and the extremely cute alien is xel_squirgle_ox's Amy who is the daughter of her Bunker and my Fritz. rage_rage is going to be sharing the outfit over on GoS maybeprobablyIsuspect because that's the righteous thing to do, man.

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brief word

Things that are awesome right now:

simgarooop's Advent Calender. Seriously. GO LOOK. She's retextured and recolored tons of my favorite hair meshes. I'm swimming in a sea of delight, it makes me feel all tingly.

AweSims has really really excellent recolors (quite a few of them of Maxis meshes) and some wonderful wallpaper and floors. Some LJ people might not have come across this site yet, so I encourage you to check it out.

sixtylilies makes an assortment of lovely things on her livejournal including enticing Nouked hair retextures, clothing, and sweet recolors. Please go harass her with affection, for she is most deserving.

smjoshsims put Easy/Lucky/Free on the Maxis sclera which is so many flavors of fantastic. Sim animations are so wacky and gappy black bits of doom are not so wacky. Be sure to grab the contacts by showercapfrog too, if you're interested, they're at the bottom of the entry.

I have my own proper webhosting now which means sometime soon I won't have to rely on Photobucket for image hosting and box.net and mediafire for file hosting. Huzzah! Now to teach myself Dreamweaver.

Things that are not so awesome:

My router is on its last flailing arthritic limb which means my connection to the internet is sporadic at best. I usually can't stay on for more than 15 minutes at a time. I don't quite know when the situation will right itself but hopefully soon.

I'm still busy in real life and facing the arrival of my annual bout of the doldrums which strike me every January through late February. Combined with the fritzy router means I spend most of my free time elbow deep in flour, yarn, paint, or idling about in Animal Crossing: City Folk. Be well and hope you all have a happy holiday!

PS - All complaints about my pseudo e-popularity can be directed to katu or expressed in some delightfully rendered simsecret featuring my metaphorical head on a pike and the words "GTFO" flashing in spasm-inducing neon red and yellow. Be sure to include the phrase "FUCK N99!!!!" for consistency's sake.

wind in his fists

I'm going to be out of town from today until Monday, December 1st. This means I probably won't be responding to comments, e-mails, or PMs as I won't have regular (if any) internet access. It also means I'm going to have to catch up on my commenting when I get back, so I apologize in advance if I overlook anyone's Super Awesome Entry Of Awesomeness. Please don't kick me. See you next week!
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Well, I did say Tuesday and here it is, two minutes past midnight. Once again, here are 30 recolors of Sarhra's eyes, 21 "normal" eyes and 9 fantasy-esque eyes. Just like last time, there's a regular custom set, a geneticized townie-friendly set (wherein darker colors are dominant and lighter colors are recessive), and different defaults for you to pick and choose. If you're looking for defaults of the original set, check these out by engram_au. If you're looking for defaults and other recolors check out this set by inkbottleblue. If you want my first set of recolors, here's Easy/Lucky/Free Part One with supernatural defaults here. If you want my recolors with a different, more animation-friendly sclera, check out these edits by without_pith.

I've included alien defaults, genie defaults for you to sort through, bigfoot defaults for you to sort through, a new Maxis vampire default, a vampire default using Mouseyblue's Polyster Bride skintone as was requested, AND a set of contacts for ALL the recolors I've done, 60 in total. You can only have one set of defaults at a time and only one default of any given color. This means one light blue, one dark blue, one green, one vampire, one bigfoot, etc. The normal eye colors are named after Bright Eyes songs and the alien eyes are named after Conor Oberst songs. Everything is compressorized for your convenience, previews are included, and all files are clearly labeled. There are so so many pictures ahead, I should be ashamed. Except I'm not. Thank you Sarhra for making some pretty sweet eyes and changing your policy, Mouseyblue for making a pretty sweet skintone and letting me massacre it, and everyone who gave me input on these recolors. You guys rock my socks.

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we drink to die

Today was "Phobia's Body Hates Her Day" seeing as I had a splitting eyeache, a stomachache, had no sleep, and developed a very unpretty allergic reaction to the cleaning products I used to clean MOUSE POO from my oven. Today was bollocks. Anyway, ha ha neon hair ha ha! The meshes are not included, previews are included, files are compressorized. Nouk hairs work for all ages and the Seomi hair works for child to elder. If you're looking for the natural retextures AND meshes, take your fine fine self over to Quit The Forest Part One (Nouk's Side Braid), Rough Trade Part One (Seomi's Wind Hair), and Cherry Cola Part One (Nouk's Rockabilly Hair). Isn't this just the best picture of Marx ever? Ever! And now I sleep and dream of bleach burns and hypnotizing washing machines.

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close your eyes

Someone requested paler recolors of Kiki's PhasMaxian skintones and OH HEY I already did that but never released it as it was kind of a sloppy job on my part. I also just installed Mansions & Gardens and I don't have a custom camera, lighting, or any hacks (pose or otherwise) so enjoy these incredibly mediocre and very minimally edited preview pictures. All sims are wearing zero makeup aside from eyelashes (more evidence as to how much I rely on the stuff) and there's a geneticized+townified set and a custom set available for download. The handsome swarthy fellow with the black underoos is Keely's Buster. Pale 01 is from the swatch I was provided and Pale 02 is the original pale recolor I made for myself. The Very Dark skintone taught me exactly why no one ever makes really dark skintones. These are like just Kiki's originals--all Barbie (I can't be arsed to care about nipples), Maxis bodies, and edited faces with a bit of Louis/Simcribbling. An enormous, huge, tremendous, gargantuan, elephantine, rubenesque thank you to Kiki for letting me share these recolors. Please check out the originals at Phasmatic Sims! And now it is 7:00 in the morning and I am going to bed.

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